Following Loves Hunger

Following Love's Hunger

Hidden in the Seattle underground, a clan of Vampires sells sex, power and information.
Kat just wants to be free to live her own life and find love. But the Vampire clan has other plans for her. When Kat loses her job, she starts a desperate search for a way to keep from being forced into sex work at the Clan brothel. She meets a mysterious coworker named Henry who uses the power of illusion to work as a spy for the Clan. As their love blossoms, they must find ways to defy the clan, explore who they truly are, and dare to trust their love against the Second Circle.

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Embracing Love’s Hunger

Embracing Love's Hunger

Rhi knew better than to trust the Sylph sisterhood.

She was a Sylph, a creature of Air, hiding in plain sight with her normal human career. But when the Sylph Council saw an opportunity to form an alliance with a Vampire Clan, Rhi found herself on their radar.

She didn't realize it would thrust her into a relationship with the man who broke her sister's heart.

John was the Vampire Clan’s lawyer. It was his duty to oversee the Clan's new alliance with the Sylph. But his heart hungered for love. He burned for the family he once had. The Clan ordered him to get close to Rhi. But did she hate him?

Corruption and betrayal plagued the fragile alliance between the Sylph and the Vampires. Was trust between them possible? Could John and Rhi stay alive long enough to sort out their feelings for one another, while preventing a war between races? Or will their hunger destroy them?

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, spicy characters, and heart-pounding paranormal world action. Intended for mature audiences.

Explore the exciting Paranormal in two series by Jeff D. Ellis

Illicit Seattle
Deep in the heart of downtown Seattle, a Vampire clan controls the sex trade and has spies working in many sectors of the business and political scenes. In this series of spicy paranormal romances, come explore the lives and loves of many supernatural creatures and the exciting adventures that show the illicit side of Seattle.
•Following Love's Hunger (Book 1)
•Embracing Love's Hunger (Book 2)
•Shifting Love's Hunger (Book 3)
•TBD Book 4 (coming Summer 2020)

The Protectors
A present day thrill-ride that takes no prisoners. Shape-shifters, shamans, vampires, werewolves, and a whole slew of other supernatural ‘Freaks’ abound in stories of urban fantasy, adventure, and romance.
•Eye of the Jaguar (Book 1)
•Book 2 (Coming Spring 2020)
•Book 3 (coming Fall 2020)

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Shifting Love’s Hunger

Shifting Love's Hunger

Chloe didn't mind the arranged marriage. She was half Vampire, serving her Vampire Clan and carefully feeding her hunger as the others did. But now that she was an adult, she knew the Clan would expect her to do her duty. She had no choice. There were other fates that could've been much worse, like being assigned to work in the brothel or porn studio. A marriage wasn't so bad. And marrying into the Wolf Shapeshifter Pack would raise her stature with the Clan.

But when she learned of her other heritage, would it cause her to be tossed out of the Pack and lose everything?

Mark expected, as the second son of the Alpha, that his duty to the Pack would probably include an arranged marriage. But when he was thrust into one without warning, he discovered a sinister betrayal underfoot. His beautiful new mate was his dream, but she could also be the undoing of everything his Pack had worked for.

The Vampires were offering the Pack a lucrative contract as part of the new alliance. But mistakes kept happening. Were they innocent mistakes, or was someone deliberately sabotaging things? Could Mark and Chloe find out what was happening and somehow preserve the alliance and stay part of both communities? Or would they forced to abandon their ethics for the greater good of the Pack?

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Eye of the Jaguar

Eye of the Jaguar

David and Abby are coworkers at a video game company. Their lives are turned upside down as David is chosen to protect the world against monsters, and she discovers her magic. Their partnership blooms into a powerful romance which neither are prepared for. Together they must face an evil that claimed the lives of David’s parents over an artifact of great power, the Eye of the Jaguar. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Five star reviews:
- "Story moves like a bullet! Fun read!"
- "An unusual shifter tale!"
- "Great First Book!"

In a far away land to the north lies the Eye of the Jaguar, a powerful relic that allows the worthy to travel along the path of the Dark Sun to the Land of the Dead. It will be found by a shapeshifter touched by the gods of both earth and spirit. His mate will be a Shaman. Together they are the Protectors of their people.  
- Mayan Prophecy

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The Cannibal Cure

Monsters. Magic. Mayhem. The Seattle Underground is about to get lit up in this thrilling sequel to Eye of the Jaguar.

After receiving reports of the body of slain city councilman found in the streets, David and Abby are deployed to the shadowy Seattle Underground to stop a killer from striking again. No ordinary man, they are convinced a monster is stalking the city’s homeless. A monster who has stuck to the shadows and terrorized the homeless population for too long. The city has kept it quiet, choosing to ignore the cries for help until one of their own is murdered.

With the threat of riots and panic growing as word spreads, the city begs for help. Armed with shamanic magic and the ability to shapeshift, David and Abby are part of a covert black ops division in the US Marshals. Their skills and talents will be put to the test if they are to stop the monster and get to the bottom of the mystery. Unsure what to expect, they are quickly drawn into a deep running conspiracy threatening the entire city, and more.

For David and Abby, there is no way of being prepared for what they discover. The truth is part of the problem. What they find will leave them shocked and push them to the ends of their wits and strength. But then again, no one ever said their job was easy. The Marshals are hard pressed to do their job and come out alive. It might already be too late. For death stalks the streets of Seattle.

Continue the adventures of The Protectors with The Cannibal Cure today!

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