December 31, 2023

Succumb to Addiction newsletter for Dec-31

Sheri Ellis
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Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate!

New Year’s Eve is so much fun, isn’t it? Even if you aren’t going out drinking and dancing, I really enjoy this time of year. Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to kick back, have a nice warm drink in front of the fire, think things over, and plan those resolutions. It’s like the giant proverbial reset button! Let’s start fresh and enjoy! 🥂

Jeff and I got married on New Year’s Eve, so it’s extra special for us. Back in our 20s, we thought it would always be a wonderful day filled with magic and parties and laughter! I highly recommend it, even though now we don’t party much. There’s still so much glittery magic in the air! Let’s light that fire and cuddle up with a good book! 📚

Thank you for being amazing readers. Here’s to a 2024 of health, happiness, and new stories! Enjoy all the great reads below!

~ Jeff and Sheri Ellis

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