Pilot Metropolitan/MR Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot MR is one of the most recommended pens for people starting out with Fountain pens. It’s available in more than 14 different fountain pen models and is highly available. The model I am reviewing is the Matte Plum finish with Leopard accents from the animal collection with a medium nib. I bought it along with a gel rollerball model for my wife’s birthday.  The pen … Continue reading

Pens for Writers

This is an introduction pens. Pens? Yes I know most everybody has used pens from an early age. What I want to talk about is mostly fountain pens. I will review a couple of expensive ballpoint pens as well. I will start with entry-level pens as well as some of the more pricy next level up options. Fountain pens can cost from a few dollars to thousands of … Continue reading

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. I will be posting about my many interests from work on my books, writing tips, book reviews, computers, pens, knives, 3D Printing, and many other subjects. When I do product reviews I will include links to Amazon where you can pick up the things that appeal to you. I do not get paid to do reviews, I will give you my honest opinions. By clicking one of my Amazon links I will get a referral fee that will help me pay the bills around here.

Please feel free to comment on my Facebook page! I … Continue reading