Rebirth: Dream of the Vampire Book One

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No one knows what happens when a vampire has years of her life erased…

Mira was a normal 16-year-old girl before the accident that killed her parents and took away her memories.

Then the dreams began. Nightmares. Visions of a young woman who looked just like her but was… different, like a wiser, more mature version of herself. And were those… fangs?

Dragon Dad’s Baby

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This is war between the heart and duty.

Andi is nervous as he struggles to carry the morale of his team. A dessert mission as many of them pulled away from their families, and Andi is determined to see that they get back to their loved ones. Their target is a tribe of lions, until a mother and her daughter come seeking refuge from the same tribe they’re supposed to cripple not destroy.

Samia is desperate to remove her baby from the toxic environment of the lion tribe. There are too many pride males vying to be king, hungry for control over everyone and everything. In one desperate attempt to free themselves, Samia runs and runs into Andi.

He knows his job, but now his family is staring him in the face, begging for help.
Samia and her daughter belong to the king of the pride, and he wants them back.
Andi will do everything to keep them, to ensure the king never gets them back.

This is war between dragons and lions, where the heart and duty have one goal.

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Note: This is Book 3 in the series “Dragon Dad’s Love Chronicles”. All books in the series can be read as standalone with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Warning: Adults Only!

A Shade of Vampire Book 1: New Lengthened Edition!

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