Rhiannon Spencer, Sylph

Rhiannon (“Rhi”) Spencer is a beautiful, but somewhat shy Sylph who prefers to keep a wide berth from the Sylph Council. Her sister, Silvia, had fallen in love with a Vampire, and had given birth to Kat, but had died tragically. Rhi wanted desperately to be part of Kat’s life, but was not allowed. She enjoys working in marketing at T-Mobile and is proud of her career, but has no life outside work. She’s terrified the Sylph Council will try to use her for their corrupt reasons, and terrified of opposing them.

The Sylph are one of the well-known Veiled communities in the Seattle area. They can pass easily looking like a human, but when they need to, they can turn into air and fly. They can carefully watch and listen from the air. Sometimes they can even hear sounds left after the occupants leave a room.

The Vampires and the Sylph both rely on their vast information networks to finance their organizations, gained through blackmail and other means. Betrayal and corruption are always the order of the day. Trust was usually the way to an early death. Love was tolerated in the Sylph community, but rare.

The Sylph Council rules the Sylph with a careful hand. Members are expected to obey, but with seemingly less forceful punishment. Rumors about Sylph who go missing are whispered very carefully.

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