August 22, 2021

We’re splitting into 2 newsletters!

Sheri Ellis

We heard ya. Some people noticed that our series, Illicit Seattle, is paranormal romance, and the other series, The Protectors, is really urban fantasy / action / adventure. And the audiences aren’t the same. We’ve been trying to target content and promos to both audiences, but you know what happens when you try to please everyone: you end up pleasing no one.

So we decided to split into 2 newsletters! Succumb to addiction will be exclusively around paranormal romance, and Thrilling Paranormal Adventures will be paranormal action / adventure. Both will be every 2 weeks alternating. Since there’s really no way to know which each reader prefers, we leave it to you to decide. All subscribers will be on both lists, so effectively nothing will really change: you’ll still get 1 newsletter a week from me! But if that’s too many, or if you’re only interested in one or the other, you can unsubscribe from one, and then get only the content you want. I really hope this makes a better experience for everyone! Please feel free to send me your feedback!

~Jeff & Sheri