Embracing Love's Hunger
August 2, 2018

Embracing Released!

Jeff’s new novel, Embracing Love’s Hunger, second in his Illicit Seattle series, is now available at Amazon!

Rhi knew better than to trust the Sylph sisterhood.

She was a Sylph, a creature of Air, hiding in plain sight with her normal human career. But when the Sylph Council saw an opportunity to form an alliance with a Vampire Clan, Rhi found herself on their radar.

She didn’t realize it would thrust her into a relationship with the man who broke her sister’s heart.


John was the Vampire Clan’s lawyer. It was his duty to oversee the Clan’s new alliance with the Sylph. But his heart hungered for love. He burned for the family he once had. The Clan ordered him to get close to Rhi.

But did she hate him?


Corruption and betrayal plagued the fragile alliance between the Sylph and the Vampires. Was trust between them possible? Could John and Rhi stay alive long enough to sort out their feelings for one another, while preventing a war between races? Or will their hunger destroy them?


Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, spicy characters, and heart-pounding paranormal world action. Intended for mature audiences.

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