July 31, 2023

“Legacy’s Price” is a burner! And more fun summer reads for your TBR!

Jeff D. Ellis
Happy summer reading, my friend! Time for some more heat! ❤️‍🔥 I enjoyed reading T.L. Rolston’s first book “Legacy’s Price”. The details give a feeling of her formality, of how she’s been taught to behave, or at least what she remembers. But that line from the description is truly a burner: how do you face what you can’t remember? I was hooked!

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~Jeff & Sheri

Legacy’s Price by T.L. Rolston

When Lady Elizabeth Bryne suddenly manifests ancient magic during a duel, she finds herself at the center of an ancient mystery that puts her at odds everyone around her. Complicating matters, her grandfather, the King, has gone missing on a diplomatic mission and everyone seems to believe that she is somehow responsible. In order to clear her name and save everything she holds dear, Elizabeth will have to battle her old enemies and face her past.

But how do you face what you can’t remember?

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