Embracing Love’s Hunger

Experience the non-stop action and romance in Jeff’s next thrilling romance in the Illicit Seattle series: Embracing Love’s Hunger, second in his new series, Illicit Seattle. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, spicy characters, and heart-pounding paranormal world action. Intended for mature audiences.

Hidden in the Seattle underground, a clan of Vampires sells sex, power and information. Sylph carefully watch and listen from the air.

The Vampires and the Sylph both rely on their vast information networks to finance their organizations, gained through blackmail and other means. Betrayal and corruption are always the order of the day.  Trust was usually the way to an early death. Get yours today!

Rhi knew better than to trust the Sylph sisterhood. 

She was a Sylph, a creature of Air, hiding in plain sight with her normal human career. She had worked hard to avoid being too much a part of the Sylph organization. But when she realized her niece, her dead sister’s only child, was being forced into representing the Sylph in an alliance with the Vampire Clan, she knew she had to protect her.   

She didn’t realize it would thrust her into a relationship with the man who broke her sister’s heart.
Most Vampires are a prisoner of their hunger, something Greta uses to control her Seattle Clan.  But John wasn’t like the other Vampires. Over his long life, he had trained himself to control his physical hunger and feed off others in tiny amounts of energy, which relieved his needs and separated him from those who were controlled by it. As Greta’s second and the Vampire Clan’s lawyer, it was his duty to oversee the alliance with the Sylph. But his heart hungered for love. He burned for the family he once had. The Clan ordered him to get close to Rhi. But did she hate him? 
Corruption and betrayal plagued the fragile alliance between the Sylph and the Vampires. Was trust between them possible? Could John and Rhi stay alive long enough to sort out their feelings for one another, while preventing a war between races? Or will their hunger destroy them? Was an alliance between the Sylph and the Vampires even possible?

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