April 9, 2023

The magical Moon πŸŒ› 🌝 🌜

Jeff D. Ellis
Articles, Promos

Happy Spring, my friend! 

I wanted to wax philosophic for a moment about our magical Moon. I captured a pic below when it was full this week, during an amazing moment during the golden hour when our skies were clear and love was in the air. πŸŒ› 🌝 🌜

The Moon has been associated with magic and mysticism since the very beginning of time, across various cultures and traditions. While the Sun, whose importance is unquestionable, is related to the rational and left-brain functions, the Moon is connected to intuition, change, fluidity, reflection – all that is feminine – and it is related to the element of water.

The power of the Moon’s energies is undeniable, and we witness it in changing tides, dreams and our bodily cycles. Syncing our lives with its phases can aid us in living a life of love that is in greater harmony with Nature and its ever-changing seasons.

 To your magical moon!
~Jeff and Sheri Ellis