Illicit Seattle

  • Following Love's Hunger

    Following Love’s Hunger

    Experience the non-stop action and romance in Following Love’s Hunger, first in his new series, Illicit Seattle.  Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, spicy characters, and heart-pounding paranormal world action. Intended for mature audiences. Hidden in the Seattle underground, a clan of Vampires sells sex, power and information. Kat just wants to be free to live her […]

  • Embracing Love's Hunger

    Embracing Love’s Hunger

    Rhi knew better than to trust the Sylph sisterhood. She was a Sylph, a creature of Air, hiding in plain sight with her normal human career. But when the Sylph Council saw an opportunity to form an alliance with a Vampire Clan, Rhi found herself on their radar. She didn’t realize it would thrust her […]

  • Shifting Love's Hunger

    Shifting Love’s Hunger

    Chloe didn’t mind the arranged marriage. She was half Vampire, serving her Vampire Clan and carefully feeding her hunger as the others did. But now that she was an adult, she knew the Clan would expect her to do her duty. She had no choice. There were other fates that could’ve been much worse, like […]

  • Waking Love’s Hunger

    Subscribe to my newsletter and get your free copy of Waking Love’s Hunger! Spying on Thorne was easy Henry was just doing another job for another well-to-do client. Being a spy came easily to someone with his special abilities. Planting bugs, gathering intel, watching and waiting in the shadows had made him a very rich […]