May 30, 2021

A wolf shifter wedding scene! Shifting on sale till 5/31!

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It was finally the day of the Ceremony. Spending the night alone had been harder than she’d expected. This was not a normal wedding, but it was likely the only one she would get. The Clan had provided a hair specialist and a beautiful white dress. When she looked in the mirror, she hardly recognized herself. Chloe was sure she was going to impress Mark and his Pack. She was worried a little about the magic to bind her, but there was nothing to be done about it. 

It was time to go.

Chloe drove to the assigned place to meet Mark’s mom. 

“Honey, you are so beautiful! You need to come with me now. They are all waiting.”

“Am I late? I thought I was on time.”

“You have perfect timing. Tradition dictates that the men show up early to meditate on their futures. Follow me, it’s a short walk.”

Chloe hoped it was a very short walk. She did not wear the right shoes for going off road.

The path quickly opened up to a clearing. The heads of the major families were all gathered to each side of the path, naked! Chloe hadn’t expected that. She saw Mark standing next to a stone altar of some sort. His father was standing behind it. At least they were both clothed. 

Felicia led Chloe to the altar next to Mark. Centered on the altar was a small silver bowl filled with water. She could see her reflection in the water. 

The Alpha raised his arms and chanted something Chloe did not understand, but she felt the area go quiet and energy prickle at her skin. As he continued, she heard noises behind her. She stole a glance back and saw the men had all become wolves. She looked back at Mark’s smiling face. 

“Place the rings you both carry on the altar.”

Mark placed the ring that would be hers on the altar in front of himself. Chloe followed Mark’s lead and placed the ring to give him down beside it.

The Alpha held his hands over the rings. Chloe could sense the power flow from his hands into them. 

“Mark, place the ring on the hand of your mate.”

He picked it up and placed the ring on Chloe’s hand. The ring felt like Mark’s energy and it pulsed with power. Her hunger was confused as her body filled with energy that she could feel from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. She had never experienced anything like it. She was offered more energy than she had ever fed on before and it filled her.

“Chloe, place the ring on the hand of your mate.”

She carefully picked up the ring and placed it on Mark’s finger. He looked a little different wearing the ring.

“Please take each other’s hands.”

Mark held both of his hands out for her to take. 

Alistair spoke loudly to the crowd. “As Alpha, and by the power I wield, I accept Chloe into my Pack. As Alpha, and by the power I wield, I make Mark and Chloe one with each other as mates. As Alpha, and by the power I wield, I join today Wolf and Vampire to be one with each other.”

She saw Mark’s eyes change to brown like hers. Mark nodded his head in the direction of the water. Chloe looked and choked down a gasp as she saw her eyes were ice blue like his normally were! She could also feel where each of the Wolves were sitting. She really had joined the Pack. Feeling a strong need to shift to wolf form and run with them, Chloe grew frustrated that she could not shift.

“From this day forward, Mark and Chloe speak with one voice.”

They turned as one and bowed to the Alpha, then turned and bowed to the Pack.

Mark pulled Chloe in for a hug and kissed her.  Her hunger was so confused it didn’t know what to do, so it did nothing. 

Mark must have sensed her confusion. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Chloe, it’s over. Time to go. Father will sign and send the paper to the state, certifying our marriage.”

 “What is going to happen to us now? Will my eyes be blue forever?”

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