February 12, 2023

Embracing FREE on Feb. 12-16th! Free scene

Embracing Love’s Hunger, Book 2 of the Illicit Seattle series, will be FREE on Feb. 12-16th in the Amazon store. See below for a free scene!

When Rhi got home, she went to her closet and found the long white flowing gown that was the Sylph uniform. She put it on and air started to flow around her. She looked in the mirror. She looked like a Greek goddess. Rhi walked into her backyard.

“Sylph Council, hear me now. I have the treaty you are looking for. Let me know where you want to meet.”

She waited for a response. It normally took a few minutes for them to notice that they were being talked to. She listened for the message on the wind. It was about five minutes later when she heard, “Smith Tower Observatory. 10:00 p.m.”

Guess they want it tonight. She’d expected as much. Smith Tower was in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle. When it was completed in 1914, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River at five hundred twenty-two feet tall. It remained the tallest on the West Coast until the Space Needle was finished in 1962. The last time Rhi had met with the Council was when she presented Kat to the Council for the first time at the Space Needle maybe a week ago. That was when Kat was given the task of getting this treaty created. Rhi wished Kat was going to this meeting instead of her, but she had to do her part. Her worries melted as she enjoyed the brisk wind in her long hair and the scent of the blooming lilac trees. 

It was time to go. Her body started to shimmer and fade as she turned into mist. She became one with the air and flew into the sky. She soon was passing into Seattle. She followed freeways and landmarks to make her way. She saw Smith Tower coming up. She changed back to being solid as she landed on the Observatory deck. She walked up to a glass door and went inside. The Observatory bar was closed already. The room used to be called the Chinese Room, but during a renovation, it was changed to give it more of a 1920s speakeasy-themed decor. It still had dark carved teak wood on the ceilings and the Wishing Chair, dramatically carved with a dragon and phoenix. There was a legend that any wishful unmarried person who sat in the chair would be married within a year. Rhi decided to give it a sit before meeting up with the Council. When she had sat down in the chair, she felt a shiver pass through her body. It was time to face the music. She got up and moved to a side room. 

Inside, seven women were sitting in chairs in a straight line, dressed as she was. This was the Council of Sylph. In the center was Diana Lawson, the chair of the Council. 

“Welcome, Sister. We were expecting Kat. Why have you called us?”

“I have the treaty to present to the Council. Kat is dealing with Henry’s healing. She sends her apologies for not being here herself.”

“That is acceptable. You may present the document to the Council.”

Rhi bowed her head and approached the Council with the treaty. “John Burke said he looks forward to comments and changes you might have to the document.”

“We will consider the document and will let you know our next steps. Your being here has brought up impacts we had not considered. We would like to consult with each other. Please wait in the other room until we are ready.”

Rhi stepped backwards before turning and walking back into the other room. She wondered what that was all about. It could not be the treaty. They would want to get their own legal counsel to look that over. Diana made it sound like they would be talking about her. That made her very nervous. The last thing she wanted was to be under the watchful eye of the Council. People that disappointed the Council had a bad habit of turning up missing. The longer she waited, the more nervous she got. She finally heard the call to come back. She walked back into the room.

“We think your being here is a good turn of events. We would like you to get close to John Burke and give us inside information about the Clan. We would also like you to appeal to him on a personal level. We are interested in finding out if you can repeat what your sister did with Mr. Burke.”

“Are you saying you want me to seduce him and try to get pregnant?”

“If you want to be crass about it, yes. That is exactly what we are saying.”

“I am not sure I can do that.”

“We are not asking, we are telling you what you will do in service to the Council. We will reward you for your service if you can have a child even if she does not have the powers Kat has. We need to know if it was a fluke or there is something about Vampire men that is the key to our future. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

She understood, but it did not mean she was going to go through with it.

“Good. You may leave.”

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