January 13, 2020

Introducing Illicit Seattle

Jeff’s latest work, Waking Love’s Hunger: An Illicit Seattle novella introduces the shadowy world of vampires and other creatures, living in modern Seattle. Experience this world for free. Come take a taste of this spicy, thrilling adventure! Subscribe to my newsletter and get your free copy of Waking Love’s Hunger!

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, spicy characters, and heart-pounding paranormal world action. Intended for mature audiences.

Welcome to the paranormal world of Illicit Seattle.

Illicit Seattle looks like a normal, modern-day city, but hidden in plain sight, supernatural beings roam and feed. Anyone – your neighbor, co-worker, or even the homeless person you walk by – could be one of them. That stranger who brushed past you on the street might be a Vampire feeding off your energy in that brief moment of contact.

This story is an entry point into Illicit Seattle series and leaves you at the beginning of Illicit Seattle Book 1: Following Love’s Hunger. While each romance is independent, each book follows each the other in time. You can read them in any order. The romance between Kat and Henry is only a spark that is carried to a full flame and happy ever after in Following Love’s Hunger.

Spying on Thorne was easy

Henry was just doing another job for another well-to-do client. Being a spy came easily to someone with his special abilities. Planting bugs, gathering intel, watching and waiting in the shadows had made him a very rich man. Spying at Thorne Technologies was cake. Until he met Kat. Suddenly, all his special skills were his enemy. Guilt and worry consumed him. He couldn’t let her find out his secrets.

She loved her job, and she was good at it

Kat had escaped the Vampire Clan and was winning awards at Thorne. She had gotten herself through college and had a promising career. Being a Vampire made it easy to convince clients to buy and give. With a touch of her hand and a small sip of their energy, humans were putty in her hands. Feeding her hunger was controllable. But she would never be free of the Clan. Or the Clan’s laws.

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