March 6, 2022

Sneak peek at my next book!

My next book is called Judgment in Paradise, Book 3 of The Protector series. The first draft is nearly complete. We’ll be publishing it soon.

David and Abby, newly married, are gifted a honeymoon at a resort in Hawaii, an amazing resort run by Veiled for Veiled only. But soon after they arrive, a murder is committed and the entire island is put at great peril.

See below for a scene clip! Would love to know what you think of the clip and the premise! Come post your thoughts on my private Facebook group:

The Kilauea volcano seemed strangely quiet.  It felt like they were walking on the moon. All they could see was dark volcanic mounds with smoke rising from them.  David and Abby walked across the arid surface to try and get a look at the caldera. A billow of gray smoke rose up in into the sky in ten feet away. 

Abby opened her senses to feel it all. “David, I think this really is the home of a goddess. I am happy we came here. Maybe we should drive around to look at where the lava flows out to meet the sea. The raw powers coming together must be a sight to take in.”

“I don’t want to be burned by a gust of steam.”

Off in the distance, an old lady with a cane was stumbling around the rocky ground. “Help! Can you help me?”

Abby and David rushed as quickly as they dared over the uneven ground. 

Abby looked concerned. “Grandmother, are you all right? How can we help?”

The frail woman looked as old as the ground they walked on. “Please help me. I have lost my dog. Have you seen my white dog?”

Abby shook her head. “David, why don’t you look for her dog while I take her back to the car to rest.”

David smiled at the old lady and patted her hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll find your dog.”

Abby offered the woman her arm and helped her walk.

When David saw no one was looking his direction, he changed into a falcon and took flight.

Abby and the woman soon reached the car.

“Grandmother, please sit here and rest. Would you like some water? I also have some bread and cheese if you are hungry.”

“Thank you, dear. You are so kind. I could use something to drink.”

Abby opened a bottle of water and handed it to the old woman. She placed some bread and cheese on a napkin off to the woman’s side and smiled.

“Don’t worry about your dog. David is very good at finding things.”

David flew over the car on his search. The woman looked up at the falcon and smiled. 

“Abby, I keep expanding my search radius but I’m not finding anything out here other than rock and steam. The thermals are hard to fly in and I’m worried about the dog. How long has it been missing?”

Abby touched the old lady’s shoulder. “Grandmother, how long has your dog been missing? Were you very far away?”

“I don’t have a watch. He should be close by. I just don’t see him.”

Abby closed her eyes and relayed to David in her mind. “She doesn’t seem to know.”

“I have traveled miles now. Unless he fell into the crater and was covered by rocks, I don’t know where the dog could be.”

Judgment in Paradise, Book 3 of The Protectors by Jeff D. Ellis. Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.