April 26, 2020


Bodies had been turning up in the Seattle Underground, lying in pools of their own blood. Human bodies that had been partially eaten, with claw and bite marks that appeared to be human.

Reports of missing homeless people had been coming in for some time, but Seattle PD had been brushing them off. As more bodies were found, the grim connection was clear. Some kind of monster was eating humans?

When a Seattle city council member became the latest victim, SPD had no choice. Before the public found out and there was a mass panic, they had to call help. The U.S. Marshals secret black badge division was assigned to hunt the monster down quietly before anyone else was killed.

David and Abby, U.S. Marshals deputies, were tasked with hunting supernatural monsters and hiding them from the world. Will David’s ability as a Shapeshifter and Abby’s magic be enough to stop the monster before it kills and infects others?