The Cannibal Cure

Title: The Cannibal Cure
Series: The Protectors: thrilling paranormal adventures #2
Published by: DragonSight Publishing LLC
Release Date: June 5, 2020
Pages: 319
ISBN13: 979-8644370191

Monsters. Magic. Mayhem. The Seattle Underground is about to get lit up in this thrilling sequel to Eye of the Jaguar.

After receiving reports of the body of slain city councilman found in the streets, David and Abby are deployed to the shadowy Seattle Underground to stop a killer from striking again. No ordinary man, they are convinced a monster is stalking the city’s homeless. A monster who has stuck to the shadows and terrorized the homeless population for too long. The city has kept it quiet, choosing to ignore the cries for help until one of their own is murdered.

With the threat of riots and panic growing as word spreads, the city begs for help. Armed with shamanic magic and the ability to shapeshift, David and Abby are part of a covert black ops division in the US Marshals. Their skills and talents will be put to the test if they are to stop the monster and get to the bottom of the mystery. Unsure what to expect, they are quickly drawn into a deep running conspiracy threatening the entire city, and more.

For David and Abby, there is no way of being prepared for what they discover. The truth is part of the problem. What they find will leave them shocked and push them to the ends of their wits and strength. But then again, no one ever said their job was easy. The Marshals are hard pressed to do their job and come out alive. It might already be too late. For death stalks the streets of Seattle.

Continue the adventures of The Protectors with The Cannibal Cure today!

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