Kat Burke, Vampire

Kat Burke, Vampire

The Vampire Clan are the most well-known Veiled community living in the Seattle area. Their ability to seduce anyone with just a touch is legendary. It’s been so easy for them to amass great wealth in the Seattle area. Humans are delicious prey, and so vulnerable.

Greta rules the Vampire Clan with a mighty fist. They sell sex, power and information. Betrayal and corruption are always the order of the day. Trust was usually the way to an early death. And love is absolutely forbidden.

Kathy (Kat) Burke was the daughter of Silvia and John Burke. Her mother died of a broken heart so Kat really never knew her.

Kat grew up like other kids that had single moms. She didn’t really know her father who got her mom pregnant and sent money to take care of them. He was never part of her life until she hit puberty which came with a big surprise. That is when she found out she wasn’t like her friends from school or anyone else she had ever known. That is when she found that the world wasn’t so simple and she was not only a vampire, but a slave to a clan of them. She went to the University of Washington and while there her mother died and she blamed her father for it. Her mom never stopped loving him and it dragged on her spirit until the end that they didn’t have a happy life together. During her days at UW she was the proverbial party girl, but also had a brain to go with it and did will in school. It gave her a wide open feeding ground, but by the time she graduated she started to have inklings of needing something more out of life. When her best friend from those days got engaged, it turned up that inkling to more of a need. The one thing she did know, was she wanted to do anything she could to remain independent of the Clan and her father. 

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