Illicit Seattle History, part 2

I wrote the series Illicit Seattle based on a whole lot of history. Greta and her voluptuous Vampire clan were headquartered in a real building that was built in 1890. For more details about the building, see Part 1.

Pioneer Square was destroyed by The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and then rebuilt from the ashes amidst a massive project.  Lou Graham, an accomplished madam, was one of the very first to rebuild in Pioneer Square.  Completed in 1890, the Washington court building housed one of the most notable brothels in Seattle. It reflected Lou Graham’s status as a major player in early Seattle politics.

Graham was credited with funding politicians who were friendly to her motives. Her new building served the members of Seattle’s elite, government officials and wealthy residents.  This wasn’t just a brothel; it was a place of business.  There are numerous reports of Lou Graham investing in local businesses and public infrastructure like sidewalks after the fire, and she is credited with funding the Seattle School system.

But few knew the whole story. A powerful flame-haired Vampire madam named Greta was sent to Seattle in 1888 to start a new Vampire Clan. She used Lou Graham as a front person to hide the start of the Clan. Greta and Lou had a secret, powerful business relationship. Greta’s Clan served together with Lou’s girls to service the Seattle scene. Together, they carefully constructed a network of civil servants, government officials, and wealthy customers that kept them secretly controlling most of Seattle, especially the Illicit side. And when Lou died, Greta took it all.