John Burke, Vampire

The Vampire Clan are the most well-known Veiled community living in the Seattle area. Their ability to seduce anyone with just a touch is legendary. It’s been so easy for them to amass great wealth in the Seattle area. Humans are delicious prey, and so vulnerable.

Greta rules the Vampire Clan with a mighty fist. They sell sex, power and information. Betrayal and corruption are always the order of the day. Trust was usually the way to an early death. And love is absolutely forbidden.

John didn’t know he was a Vampire until he met Greta. He was 12 when Greta started the clan in 1888. His father, John Pinnell, was also a Vampire, and like Greta, his father ran several businesses including a brothel named Illahee—Chinook for “home place”—staffed with native women. John didn’t know about his father’s brothel until Greta told him. He worked in his father’s jewelry store.

In 1894 at age 18, John fell in love for the first time. He kept it secret for 5 years but she went crazy from repeated vampire exposure. Greta had the clan kill her in 1899 and pulled him in to become part of the Clan. He spent a couple of years with the Clan in Japan to get over his loss, and trained there to be a great warrior.

When he returned to Seattle, he became the Clan bookkeeper. He graduated from UW Law school in 1910. He spent decades working as the Clan’s lawyer, and eventually became Greta’s second. But he stayed out of relationships, until eventually meeting Silvia, a Sylph, in 1988. They fell in love, and Silvia gave birth to Kat. But it was not meant to be.

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