Illicit Seattle history, part 1

I wrote the series Illicit Seattle based on a whole lot of history. Greta and her voluptuous vampire clan were headquartered in a real building that was built in 1890. It is still there, a three-story brick block at the northwest corner of Second Avenue S. and Washington Street. And it’s been an illicit place for its entire 130 year history! No wonder Greta picked it!

From 1893-1910, John Considine operated the notoriously lewd and looped People’s Theater in the basement.   You can see the open stairway to the basement theater beneath the sign that reads “Free Lunch Down Stairs.” Yeah, the lunch may have been free, but the entertainment wasn’t!

Downstairs to the notoriously lewd People’s Theater

Today it’s a semi-secret hip-hop club called The Stage Seattle which is still in the basement. The entrance from the street just says “Casino Dancing” under Barney’s Loan Shop. Pioneer Square is the illicit Seattle we love!

The Stage Seattle in 2020 – entrance labeled “Casino Dancing”

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