September 23, 2023

“Agent of Change: Region 2 Book 4”

As the team’s intel specialist, I can hack a CCTV camera in my sleep, and my contact network is the best in the Company’s history. It still took getting captured for me to discover how close our enemies are. At least I left a surprise planted in their system.

I escaped with more than a backdoor into their files, though. Owen, a human the vampires molded into a lethal fighter, is an invaluable addition to our team, despite his only knowledge of life outside his cage coming from pilfered romance novels. Super unexpectedly, the brooding, barely socialized warrior who swears we’re fated-mates gets me in a way no one ever has.

But overconfidence once nearly cost me everything. As the vampire army closes in, I’m racing to decrypt the stolen data and uncover the vamps’ weakness. With the Company and my family’s existence at stake, there’s no margin for error. Plot twist? The longer I spend with Owen, the less sure I am that he’s really human.

Do I dare trust my instincts, then ones screaming Owen would never betray me, when the wrong choice means the destruction of everyone I love?

Get it NOW! Free on KU!

Get it NOW! Free on KU!