November 12, 2023

“An Inheritance of Curses” by Dee J. Holmes – Review

I found the characters and the world of this book were exciting, mult-layered, and very engaging. There are some very wild moments with her ecletic mix paranormal creatures, and forging an alliance between them kept me stuck to the edge of my chair. I really cared about her characters and the thrilling paranormal adventures! However, I do feel this work could use some editing. I felt that sometimes the exciting parts were bogged down with unnecessary description, and the point of view narration sometimes felt heavy-handed. But I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the thrill ride!
The Four Houses of Magic—light-seeking fae, blood-fueled vampires, loyal werewolves, and power-driven witches—barely survived a century of conflict. Now they exist divided, bound by a single promise: never The Four shall meet.

That rule has just been broken.
Heir to a brutal legacy, witch Rose LeFey is determined to confront her aunt and prove she’s finished with blood magic. Instead, she finds the basement full of prisoners: a sarcastic vampire staked to a table; a beautiful, defiant fae princess in an iron cage; and an insanely attractive werewolf chained to the wall.

He’s massive, covered in fur, and furious at being held captive.

She can’t look away—even if she should.

Contact between the Houses is strictly forbidden. But Rose can’t leave any of them at her aunt’s mercy.
Except the werewolf is a trap. As soon as Rose touches him, a mate-bond snaps between them. Curses. She walked right into a spell designed to tear apart her self control—and drive her straight into her aunt’s clutches. Her aunt has unleashed war on the magical Houses and humans alike—and she wants Rose’s magic at her side.

Hex that.
To stop her, Rose must risk everything and strike a bargain with the former captives. Tricky, as the vampire wants revenge, the fae to save her mother’s life, and the werewolf to protect his pack at all costs.

Yet working together might not be enough. Not when the true threat might be Rose’s deadly powers and her growing desire to make the false-bond real.
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