November 15, 2020

Another evil biotech story… for $.99!

Publish or Perish by Kerry Braisdellget yours now!

Check out this romantic, edge-of-your-seat suspense story Publish or Perish by Kerry Braisdell.

You might notice a few similarities with my book The Cannibal Cure!

Set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Compelling romance. A biotech mystery involving a scientist and breathtaking action!


When computer whiz Emma O’Manny’s scientist husband dumps her on Valentine’s Day, vandalizing his office seems like a justifiable—if petty—response. But then Dan’s small plane crashes under mysterious circumstances, and Emma’s suddenly the prime suspect in a double homicide. Worse, Dan may have faked important vaccine safety research, to further his career—and the digital trail leads to Emma. Can she determine which data is correct, to prove her innocence? Or will Dan keep controlling her life, even from the grave?


Detective Vin Bronislovas came to Portland to rebuild his reputation, after nearly blowing a years-long investigation by believing the lies of a mobster’s daughter. A single misstep—like falling for another suspect—would destroy his career and ruin his life. But when the killer strikes again, and Emma and her children are threatened, Vin must choose between the Job and love. Can he trust his gut? Or will repeating his past mistakes allow a murderer to go free, and potentially put millions of children at risk from an unsafe vaccine?


Fans of Harlan Coben and J. D. Robb will be as captivated as I was…!

Publish or Perish is a gripping suspense which I couldn’t put down. I read it in one sitting. Yes, one sitting. The characters, the dialogue, the subject matter, the suspense combined together to wrap me in a cocoon of reader heaven. Emma and Vin are fantastic, fully fleshed out characters with immense depth. Through descriptive narration, Kerry Blaisdell allows the reader to ride along as Emma and Vin try to navigate through the investigation. Some of my favorite lines came from Vin. The attraction is pretty quick but is slow-burning due to trust issues.

This is Kerry Blaisdell’s first foray into romantic suspense and I have to admit, I’m impressed. The plot was peppered with twists and a few red herrings. I’m a huge suspense reader and even I didn’t guess the identity of the murderer until the very end. The subject matter on whether childhood vaccines leads to autism is timely and brings a spotlight on the issue. Having diverse characters rounded out the story nicely.

Fans of Harlan Coben and J. D. Robb will be as captivated as I was. Highly recommend!

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