February 27, 2022

Enter our biggest contest EVER!

Sheri Ellis

This is our biggest contest ever! The prize is an Amazon gift certificate based on the number of people who enter. If 10 people respond, the gift certificate will be for $10. If 100 people respond, it will be $100! Every question you answer in this survey is another chance to win, so the more questions you answer, the better your chances.

If you are a subscriber to our newsletter already, the entry form is in the Feb-27th email. Check your inbox!

If you (or a friend!) want to enter but are not yet subscribers, follow this link to subscribe and the first email will contain the entry form: https://BookHip.com/LHNKBAN

The winner will be announced Mar-13 in the next newsletter. Entries must be sent by March 12, 2022 to be eligible. Good luck!