September 10, 2023

“Dark Cut: Triple Moon Detective” is  supernatural urban fantasy – great fun! And more fun summer reads for your TBR!

Happy end of summer, my friends! A new review for you below, Dark Cut: Triple Moon Detective Agency, about a PI stuck in supernatural Edinburgh, trying to navigate a dangerous world to solve a murder and mystery. I hope you enjoy!

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~Jeff & Sheri

Dark Cut: Triple Moon Detective by Ellen South

I really enjoyed this book! I love supernatural urban fantasy, like my books set in Seattle. This book is set in Edinburgh. I felt instantly transported thanks to the combination of first person and lots of action without “info-dumping” which always kills the pace. Great place descriptions! I want to go to that woodland bookshop. Altogether a great magical story of humans who live alongside the supernatural community. Thanks for an action-packed adventure!

Meet Addie Gunn, a quick-witted PI who finds herself entangled in a case that’s as perplexing as a riddle from a cheeky pixie.

Heather Rose, a notorious University of Dark Magic student, has vanished. Now, it’s up to Addie to untangle a web of lies leading to the shocking truth behind Heather’s disappearance.

But as she’s new to the supernatural community, her boss teams her with the Laird of all Vampires, Constantine Lennox, whose playful banter ignites irresistible sparks.

Armed with smarts, a loyal cairn terrier named Bebe, and newfound powers, Addie kicks ass, takes names, and always has her trusty cable ties at the ready!

Prepare for a fun adventure that blends mystery, magic, and a hefty dose of sarcasm. “Dark Cut” will keep you hooked as Addie Gunn navigates a world of supernatural mischief in Edinburgh, where danger lurks at every cobble stoned corner.

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