December 11, 2022

Judgment in Paradise in Top 100!!! special sale + free scene

My latest book in The Protectors series, Judgment in Paradise, went live on Tuesday, Nov. 22! And thanks to the special VIP readers of this newsletter, it has hit the Top 100!!!! OMG thank you, my superfans!!!! So I decided to extend the special price of $.99! See below for a free scene.  I would LOVE your reviews on AmazonGoodReads, or Bookbub!! Or shoot me an email and tell me what you think privately!

Judgment in Paradise

The resort was finally quiet after a long day of work, but something felt off. The normally warm island breeze felt unnaturally cold on his skin and the scent of rain was in the air. Only a few guests remained in the resort after last weekend’s New Year’s Eve party. Those who were left had a strange energy about them. Pele had warned him to be on the lookout for trouble. Interesting.

On nights like this, Ali’i liked to walk along the beach before turning in. The full moon was calling him. He was a Kaupe, not a Werewolf, but the moon called him through the clouds all the same. Seeing the moonlight shine across the ocean usually warmed his heart. But not tonight. He felt a strange sense of foreboding. Suddenly lightning flashed off in the distance, drawing his eye to the Heiau, a sacred place of worship. He noticed torches burning around the Heiau platform. Ali’i bolted towards it, heart pounding in his chest. He hadn’t seen anything like this in a hundred years.

He approached the stone covered area. Years ago, it held a small wooden temple called the luakina, or house of sacrifice, and at its entrance was the lele, a sacrificial altar, where offerings were placed for the gods. Today, the wood was long gone but the stone beneath remained. At the center of the altar, he saw a body. Ali’i felt a short of hot anger. How could anyone violate kapu and commit such sacrilege? Human sacrifices haven’t been done in centuries, and were forbidden in modern times.

The torchlight danced across the body, revealing that this was no Human but a Werewolf in partial transformation. Ali’i recognized him. He was one of the resort’s guests, Rolf Lucas. Who could have done this? No one had ever dared to break Pele’s peace and the treaties in place until now.

The look of pain and anguish was too much for him. Turning away, Ali‘i let the illusion of his humanity drop and howled at the moon as only a dog can do. His howl would be heard for miles and all the way to the gods, but none of that mattered.

He couldn’t let his feelings keep him from his duty. Holding his hands wide, he drew on his connection to the island and the fiery goddess Pele. His Kaupe energy body filled with fire, extending out of his body and enveloping the whole resort, casting a magical dome. The surge of power flowing through his body forced him to his knees, but he held on until the dome was formed. It drained his body. He would only be strong enough to maintain it for a week before the strain killed him. But at least it would trap the killer inside, if he hadn’t already escaped the grounds. Ali’i couldn’t let himself think like that. The killer must still be here!

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