October 16, 2023

“Soul Touched: Academy of the Veil, Book 1”

Life’s difficult when you’re a human in a supernatural’s world.

Welcome to the Academy of the Veil, an elite academy for supernaturals. And me, one of two humans pulled into these hallowed halls.

As if being marked by a demon and dragged from my New York home by an annoyingly handsome magic-wielder wasn’t enough, I’ve got to contend with a whole school of snobby supernaturals and the one other human present at the academy.

Oh, and who could forget that the demon who marked me is definitely coming back for me? It’s up to me to learn all I can about this new world, get to the bottom of my demon mark, and figure out if I have powers or not.

Easier said than done when your life is on the line.

Prepare to enter a whole new world and explore the Academy of the Veil.
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