September 23, 2023

“The Protectors” series: paranormal adventure in contemporary Seattle!

Each book in The Protectors series is availabe now in the Amazon store.  Filled with monsters, mysteries, and paranormal creatures set in contemporary Seattle, the heart pounding adventures of The Protector series will keep you awake at night. Sit back, buckle up, and prepare for the adventure of your life.

Eye of the Jaguar: Book 1 of The Protectors

David and Abby are coworkers at a video game company. Their lives are turned upside down as David is chosen to protect the world against monsters, and she discovers her magic. Their partnership blooms into a powerful romance which neither are prepared for. Together they must face an evil that claimed the lives of David’s parents over an artifact of great power, the Eye of the Jaguar.

The Cannibal Cure: Book 2 of The Protectors

A bloodthirsty monster is terrorizing the homeless. Bodies are found in the Seattle Underground, clawed and partially eaten. Will David’s ability as a Shapeshifter and Abby’s magic be enough to stop the murders?

Judgment in Paradise, Book 3 of The Protectors

David and Abby were in marital bliss, and had been gifted a honeymoon at the Paradise resort on the big island of Hawai’i. The newlyweds prepare to enjoy a few weeks of sun and fun. But when a guest is murdered, they discover a werewolf caught in mid transformation, murdered in a gruesome pose.

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