October 23, 2023

“The Royal Matchmaking Competition”

One princess searching for her prince charming.Twelve princes, dukes, elves, and a commoner, competing for the princess’s heart. One assassin among the bachelors, plotting to kill the princess and bring the empire to its knees.Warning: this fantasy romance contains dangerously hot princes, sexy elves, and a heart-throbbing peasant. Read at […]

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July 18, 2020

Vesely Academy: A Paranormal Academy Mini Series (Book 1): Academy of Extraordinary Creatures

Get it on sale now for $.99: https://amzn.to/2Www2I4 Your quick Magic Academy fix! Kurt’s habit of skulking at the Bellevue Café for the past two years finally pays off when he meets Emma Summers, a sixteen-year-old exchange student at Vesely Academy. The promise of true love beats in Kurt’s heart […]

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July 12, 2020

Soul’s Day Boxset: Horror and Paranormal Halloween Anthology

Presale for $.99 on Amazon and Books2Read Old Hallows Eve, when things go bump in the night,Children come to play, and the witches provide the fright.For 20 authors, USA Today and international bestselling,The Halloween tales become more than this foretelling.In the Soul’s Day Boxset, a mansion feeds on souls,A gargoyle […]

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