Embracing Love’s Hunger

Embracing Love’s Hunger

Jeff D. Ellis’ next thrilling romance in the Illicit Seattle series – coming soon on Amazon!

Most Vampires are a prisoner of their hunger, something Greta uses to control her Seattle Clan. But John wasn’t like the other Vampires. Over his long life, he had trained himself to control his physical hunger and feed off others in tiny amounts of energy, which relieved his needs and separated him from those who were controlled by it. As Greta’s second, it was his duty to oversee the Clan’s new alliance with the Sylph. But his heart hungered for love. He hungered for the family he once had. His regret drove him to explosive anger.

Rhi knew trusting her Sylph sisterhood was dangerous. She had worked hard at her marketing career to avoid being too much a part of their organization. Being thrust into working for the Sylph council was dangerous. But when she realized her niece, her dead sister’s only child, was being forced into representing the Sylph in the alliance, she knew she had to protect her. Only then did she realize this would thrust her into a relationship with the man who broke her sister’s heart.

Anna served John as her master. John was everything Anna could have wanted, but she longed to be part of a larger family as it was when she served a Satyr with her Nymph sisters. She longed for a sister. But she needed John to protect her.

Their worlds would collide when corruption and betrayal plagued the fragile alliance between Sylph and Vampires. Was trust between them possible? Will the new alliance open new wounds and entice other Veiled into a fight for power? Will they be able to control their hunger? Or will their hunger destroy them?